Top 10 Insurance Blogs In USA

Whether you are a student or an agent, or simply a person who wants to run their business, you must gain knowledge about insurance. Usually, you get that kind of information in conferences, events, and academies, but now with the Internet at hand, you get updated with insurance programs and companies from the horse’s mouth.
If you like reading and feel that the internet is still a reliable information source, pop over to the following blogs to get what you are looking for. The following sites are oriented to the USA population only.
Here are 7 must-read US insurance blogs you can’t miss out on.

Reduce Your Workers Comp or Amaxx Blog

The Amaxxx Blog is a page that talks about insurance, but it is not entirely about insurance topics. If you browse this Amaxx section a little bit, you realize it operates more as a finance blog than an insurance-centered page. Despite that, it presents full information on insurance trends. However, by the time this blog is being written, that webpage has no content that can help in choosing the right insurance plan.
Still, AMAXX is a comprehensive site. On the Products tab, you can check out other sections that touch upon other insurance services. At AMAXX, you get insights into Auto, Motorcycle, Boat/Watercrafts, and RV insurance. So, this blog is a great option to gain more knowledge in boat and watercraft insurance plans.
But that does not end here. Amaxx gives details on property, business, and other types of insurance focused on drivers and tourism.
The site explains each plan and the benefits. It also itemizes insurance subparts, and the steps to apply for a plan.

Boston ERISA & Insurance Litigation Blog

The Boston Erisa Blog serves as a guide for insurance issues, insurance litigation, and other types of cases. The founder specifies that the site explains the reader on what insurance litigation and coverage is. The blog gets insights and updates of the Law of the First Circuit and Massachusetts, which means it caters to Massachusetts residents only.
Boston Erisa and Insurance Litigation will educate you on the development of cases and the changes that may occur to the law along the way. It contains contextualized info, gives references of real cases, and introduces topics related to 401(k) Plans, Attorney Fee Awards, benefit litigation, class actions, conflicts of interest and fiduciaries.

Insurance Journal Blog

Besides talking about new markets, claims, and insurance journal TV, the Insurance Journal Blog has its own insurance course and offers carrier management. Insurance Journal dot com is more than a blog or an insurance guide. It is a journal and a site where you can read the news, stay up-to-date with insurance trends, and enroll in academies.
The blog section is one of the most interesting things. This page is plenty of lists of insurance tips. As you browse the page, you notice there are no more than lists written by The Burand’s Agency.
The blog emphasizes more on commercial insurance plans. If you want to know more, enter the Insurance Journal discussion forum or attend the scheduled events.

Healthinsurace dot org is an insurance blog that provides insurance tips and helps you find the right insurance. It actually shows a contact number to talk with an agent. So, Health Insurance is a guide but also a valuable insurance resource to find professional assistance.
It has a section to know about the coverage situation per state and health insurance basics. It is focused on Obama Care and has a calculator to calculate subsidies and premiums. This way, visitors know the service that best fits them, and how much they have to spend on it.
Scrolling down the way, you see the blog section to check out the news and informative articles on the latest health insurance updates. The blog has been updated consistently since 2009.

LexisNexis Communities Insurance Law

The LexisNexis blog aims to assist insurance agents exclusively. It contains information on bankruptcy, climate change, international law, international trade, and insurance law. The website glosses the law insurance changes and their impact on each state. You can find this info on the Menu tab on the upper side of the page.
If you want to read the Blog section, tap on the News and Insight section and go onto BIZ Blog. This blog consists of two subpages. It covers not only trending news on insurance services but also regular articles. In this section, you keep abreast of insurance products and services. The BIZ Blog has three parts: Trends, Insights, and Product Spotlight.
Something to note is most publications on this webpage instruct about insurance and finances. Although the LexisNexis seems to be under construction, it has been lately catching up with new articles and press releases. But, this is not the only blog that LexisNexis manages. There are two more.
Right below BIZ blog, there’s a tab called Blog of Law Blog that explicates insurance topics from the legal approach.

Joe Paduda

Joe Paduda is a blog that covers topics on general insurance and the issues that affect them. The Blog section is found in the Essential Blog Reads on a page called Insureblog, which is actually that, a blogger-based blog. On this portal, Joe Paduda provides tips on health insurance, medical plans, and takes parts from other blogs to go deeper into health insurance problems, claims, and more. seems to be more complete than the other sites run by Joe. Apart from providing mentoring on business insurance, the site helps look into industrial financials, insurance industry, insurance fraud, insurers, economy news, reinsurance, and specialty coverage. The only problem is that all blogs are thoroughly separated and hard to find.

Belong – NAIFA or National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
Belong –NAIFA, also known as the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, is a blog targeted at financial advisors. It allows insurers to register and get updated with the latest trends on finances and insurance services. The blog section, aka Advisory Today Blog, is another site pertaining to NAIFA, which publishes content related to general financial topics. But the main tabs are all on Belong-NAIFA.
Neither of the above sites include an insurance-focused blog, therefore it takes time to find the wanted info.

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