Best Freelancing Websites

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is where the person or individual works for himself not for a company. Being a freelancer is a way of working online that helps employers and freelancers collaborate for mutual benefit. Freelancing is sometime hard and risky because of competition and sometime you might not get work compare to the job where you get the money.

Individuals or companies look for skilled help for short or long-term projects and freelancers submit bids for the completion of those required tasks. Many People have made there career in freelancing and have succeed. Some Freelancing Websites take interviews and conduct test to confirm the knowledge and the skills of the freelancer.

The below are Freelancing Websites.

1. Fiverr

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At Fiverr, freelancers showcase finished projects of their own, so employers can see and pick them according to their skills. It’s an alternative that removes the need of looking for workers one by one, which gets the wick on some jobseekers.

Fiverr offers free training courses to help freelancers develop skills they need to improve and learn tips on how to pitch to clients.

2. Upwork

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Upwork provides tools to start working as a freelancer. It is a collaborative space that has a transparent recruitment process and a built-in invoice maker. In this platform, you can even get hired by some prestigious companies like Microsoft, Airbnb, and Dropbox, but you need to have a reputation that is very high.

This is a place that lets freelancers have flexibility and some free time. They are hired to work per hour or per project.

3. Toptal

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Toptal is a more customer-oriented site that promises employers they can hire only top freelancers. In this portal, freelancers must contrive to build their skills or they would find it difficult to stay in the platform.

Toptal has a fast placement process, which means most clients hire the first candidate they see relying on the fact that the site is supposedly only packed with professional freelancers who have admitted successfully after passing the site’s admission tests which are tough.

This leads us to think that Toptal is the freelance website that sets the highest standards from among all the websites reviewed on this list.

Even after completing the tests to be accepted (they are several), freelancers must maintain high customer satisfaction ratings or they are removed the platform. Toptal has the right to remove them if their working performance slackens off.

4. Simply Hired

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One of the best things about Simply Hired is that it is focused on local jobs. It contains a list of top salaries and a tool that helps in estimating fees for works. By doing so, you can benchmark your fees against the ones of other freelancers.

SimplyHired is the same as ATS and has exactly the same dynamic. Employers move candidates around, message them, and update them if they’re required. This site can be used in conjunction with Indeed to attract better good quality workforce. So using Indeed or an specialized ATS comes to be a good choice.

5. PeoplePerHour

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This freelance website has around 1.5 million users working on it.

Here, every worker is rated after finishing an assignment. People Per Hour is a portal that lets you find remote outsources and workers in your hometown. If offers the opportunity to take on contractors but also serves as a source of income for people who work from home.

People Per Hour is a place that concentrates more on entry and intermediate-level freelancers than expert ones. This could not be the best option to spot some high-class freelancers, but it equally does the trick. If you’re looking to work as a freelancer here, consider the high commission fees the site is claimed to have.

6. Aquent

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Aquent has been recognized publicly as a top-notch freelancer hub. This is a well-established website that pledges to host solely high-quality workers for digital marketing purposes.

The site only accepts candidates that have more two years of experience, yet fresh graduates are also encouraged to join to see how the platform works. Additionally, Aquent has a salary guide that assists you to set a fixed price per work.

7. Crowded

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Crowded boasts of having such an efficient recruitment process that aims to find the most suitable applicants for companies. In this website, you’re profile is ranked according to your price, experience, and developed skills.

This feature eliminates the need of freelancers applying to each job. Instead, the system uses the freelancer’s information and shows it to employers to make things easier. At Crowded, employers look for freelancers, not the opposite.

8. The Creative Group

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It’s not that the Creative Group spoon-feeds freelancers for them to find jobs without difficulty, but it does make it all simpler. You’re ready to start browsing jobs once you upload a resume and add your LinkedIn link to your profile.

Once you’ve put your eye on an opportunity that looks interesting, you can apply to it effortlessly. There’s no more red-tape besides this.

9. 99Designs

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This site is exclusively for designers and everything that has to do with logos and book covers. It also organizes contests for joiners to take part in.

AT “99Designs” it is all about design and nothing else. So do not seek web developers or callers here because this site is not aiming for those fields of expertise.

99Designs lends itself for finding experts in creating logos, signage, marketing emails, yet, there are many more members specialized in logos. Oddly enough, the site does not offer other non-design related services like printing but only design, and that’s it.

99Designs allows you to showcase your work and helps you be more creative with up-to-date blogs.

It is available in various languages among which are French, Spanish, Portuguese, English and others spoken in Europe and Japanese.

The part that really gets interesting about this site is when you have to pay for everything as it also has very high rates. Compared to other websites in the same niche, this can be a little more expensive.

10. Freelancer

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It is a freelance venue where employers post work and independent workers place bids to get the job. Freelancer has contests to boost the popularity of freelancers and reward them with some money. Freelancers and employers develop their profiles for every work they offer, every task they’ve completed, and for each review they receive. Mind the latter.

The site’s members receive a limited amount of daily bids that are soon replenished. Also offers two types of membership accounts which include a standard account and a professional subscription.

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