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Like many people in the 90’s imagined, now we are closer to a new development of technology that allows us to automatize all processes. The AI is assisting companies and individuals devoted to programming to make use of special artifacts to perform web programming activities. After all and according to experts in the field, there’s no such a wide gap between computerization and programming since all this is connected.

What humans did in most businesses in past years, it is being executed by the Artificial Intelligence. Years ago, it was a norm to wear away hours in the offices doing math carrying out business processes until the AI emerged.

In this article, we’ll see some of the best AI software tools that businesses are using to boost productivity.

  1. Deep Vision

Deep Vision works as a face detector or a facial identifier that helps companies to keep track of a specific target audience. Well, it can indeed have other uses apart from tracking. Some companies use Deep Vision to know the people who most visit them collecting info related to their age, gender, and other particulars.

Until now, this program has been only utilized to determine the preference of a targeted audience through facial matches. This way, Deep Vision quantifies visitors and delivers reports of this to retailers.

2. Braina

Today, there are some programs that stand out for its language supporting system that translates and facilitates communication. In the case of Braina, it doesn’t distinguish itself so much from other competitors except for the fact that it is great for language recognition. What this AI tool does is to render speech into text quickly. Plus, it is available in 100 languages.

Braina is used by companies that require understanding speech in a diversity of languages. As you may know, translation jobs are costly and time-consuming. To prevent hiring people, they decide to harness Braina to get it all translated or simply put it all in text in a couple of tweaks.

  1. Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Whenever you are looking forward to giving a boost to your business, Google AI technologies can be the best option. It offers cloud solutions and a Google Cloud machine learning machine that trains, tunes, and analyzes distinct business models. This AI tool features Cloud SDK, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine and Cloud SQL.

The software also offers the benefit of storing data with top-notch security. Then, you have the option of Google Cloud which doubles as a command-line tool. This AP program goes full the hog supplying relational databases for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

4. Engati

With Engati, people can create chatbots with extreme ease and without the need of having expertise in website development. Engati is an AI tool that provides 150 templates to create these chatbots. Additionally, it offers an advanced conversation flow builder that deploys them in the chats regardless of the amount of channels.

The platform has made it possible to build chatbots very easily. With this program, you can deploy these bots and even train them. Engati also offers campaigns, broadcast, live chat, and portal users. The app has it all to help its customers.Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Learning Studio stands out as an interactive programming machine that aims to create business intelligence systems that deliver predictive analytics. Users can move objects to their websites using it.

The program has its own interface that allows exploring new website building techniques powered by AI Cloud. Azure doesn’t only work on interfaces, but also on programming services, tools, and scalable infrastructures. It includes smart solutions that can be accessed at any time.

5. Tensor Flow

If you are a professional developer looking for an advanced numerical computation tool, you should give a try to TensorFlow. Its architecture enables you to go through a variety of platforms like CPUs and GPUs. Apart from that, you can deploy TensorFlow on any devices you work on like smartphones and desktops.

This AI tool was developed by Google AI engineers with the assistance of other researchers. Amazingly, it has the capacity to learn things in detail, which makes it a great option when using core mathematical expressions to create scientific domains.

TensorFlows is compounded by core components that make it an all-around program. Some of these elements include chatbots, image recognition, visual search, machine learning, and decision making.

6. Cortana

Cortana is a personal assistant that aids with appointment scheduling and application launch, yet it can be used for other purposes. Added to this, it toggles WiFi to off and on mode and helps with the configuration of smart devices. Cortana is an all-in-one tool that has the capacity to order pizza online, answer queries, and remind of things that could be forgotten throughout the day.

7. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is another program that answers queries of customers. IBM Watson was equipped with reasoning and cognitive computing, thus it can learn and give answers accurately. This AI machine created by Thomas Watson has been already introduced for use in various business processes. Best of all, it has proven to increase organizational productivity and efficiency, so it is a must-have in some businesses’ toolkit.

8. Infosys Nia

Infosys Nia is an AI piece of software that collects info from a diversity of sources that are people and processes. The collection process is made automatically after it aggregates data into its data base. Infosys then processes that information before it gets business tasks done.

This program lends a hand to customers who are having problems providing solutions that may require imagination and creativity.

9. Playment

Playment is an ID program that produces training data for devices and other programs and devices such as drones, mapping, and vehicles. The platform has the capability to provide such type of info at a large scale but it’s entirely focused on robotic gadgetry.

Playment is currently in use in well-known organizations like Starsky Robotics and CYNGN.


There are more tools powered with AI but these ones are ranking high on most lists. Majority of these software instruments are of great help for those who are looking to develop other apps and programs from the get-go. More importantly, all of them are programmed to acquire skills and use logic like a person. This makes them a desirable asset for medium-sized and large businesses.

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